Everything your team is working on, in one place

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Illustration of reminders for bottlenecks in Monolist

Identify bottlenecks everywhere

Pinpoint where your team’s work is slipping through the cracks, across your entire stack.

Illustration of reminders and notifications in Monolist

Review code faster

Intelligent reminders help your team respond to reviews faster.

Inline notifications provide full context without overwhelming your team.

Chart of resolution rates by app

Resolve more issues

Track progress of your team over time.

Identify trends in the metrics you care about the most.

Illustration of daily schedules for multiple Monolist users

Automate your standups

Add tasks directly to your team calendar so that each person knows what the other is working on in real-time.

All of your apps

You have your favorite tools and so does your team. That shouldn’t get in the way of your productivity and collaboration.

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