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How We Design Without Designers

15 August, 2019

We started Monolist after years of spending too much time managing our work, and not enough time doing our work. We felt the pain of…

Running Effective Bug Bashes That Your Team Won’t Dread

15 August, 2019

“Bug bash” is a term thrown around often in software engineering and product development. In general, it means all stakeholders in a project…

Fail Fast and Fail Often: Handling API Errors at Scale

15 August, 2019

At Monolist , we’re building the software engineer’s ideal inbox. Our users depend on us to surface all relevant and actionable tasks and…

What Would Email Be If We Rebuilt It Today?

30 July, 2019

54 years since the first message was sent on MIT's MAILBOX system, email is the most ubiquitous form of business communication , and only…

The Problems with Collaboration

28 June, 2019

“Collaboration” has overwhelmingly positive connotations. The collaborative process brings people together, improves productivity, and…