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Product updates and lessons learned

Optimizing for Iteration: Choosing Your Early Startup's Tech Stack

17 September, 2019

As we’ve discussed in a previous blog post , product development is hypothesis testing. This is especially true in the early stages of a…

Delightful Goodbyes: Fully Deleting User Data

17 September, 2019

At Monolist , we’re building the command center for engineers. We integrate with all the tools an engineer uses, aggregate their tasks, and…

How We Design Without Designers

15 August, 2019

We started Monolist after years of spending too much time managing our work, and not enough time doing our work. We felt the pain of…

Running Effective Bug Bashes That Your Team Won’t Dread

15 August, 2019

“Bug bash” is a term thrown around often in software engineering and product development. In general, it means all stakeholders in a project…

Fail Fast and Fail Often: Handling API Errors at Scale

15 August, 2019

At Monolist , we’re building the software engineer’s ideal inbox. Our users depend on us to surface all relevant and actionable tasks and…