Monolist: Your Living Inbox

Scott White
December 03, 2018

"I watch a lot of astronaut movies....Mostly Star Wars. And even Han and Chewie use a checklist."

-- Jon Stewart

Monolist is the only checklist you'll ever need. Request access, or read on to learn more.

Monolist living inbox

Your job is a list of tasks that you need to complete, a body of knowledge you pull from, and a process that you go through to actually complete them.

How do people manage tasks? Enter email

For most people, email tends to be the source of truth for what you need to do for a couple reasons.

  • Everyone has email. It’s the first thing you get when you join a company.
  • By default, email is integrated with everything. Every tool sends transactional emails.
  • Email is your work search engine. Because everything sends emails, that’s where you tend to search for what you need to know or do.

The problems with email

  • Email is noisy. Because everything’s integrated with email, your inbox can become unusable quickly if not properly managed.
  • Email is not actionable. Your email is a list, but you can’t take action from that list, except for responding to emails.
  • Email is shallow. Email can’t actually search for information across every tool in your company.

Enter Monolist

Make your inbox actionable

Action item actions

Monolist lets you manage anything in your inbox as if it were a task.

Take action from one place. Whether it’s merging code, responding to a comment, or resolving an issue, you can do it in Monolist. In real-time, these actions will be reflected in whatever tool you're integrating with.

Eliminate noise

Inbox before, Monolist after

We want to get rid of every email that’s not a task. When you integrate the tools you use for work with Monolist, we’ll show you exactly what your tasks are. We’ll also filter out the redundant transactional emails, marketing content, and sales pitches.

Become your source of truth

Unified search results

Monolist lets you search across every tool. We won’t just show you the emails; We’ll show you the tasks, pull requests, documents, and discussions related to what you’re searching.

Ready to give it a try?

Request access. Once you gain access, you'll be able to invite your friends and coworkers to skip the waitlist.

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