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Manage Your Gmail (and everything else)

Akshay Nathan
October 10, 2018

Google will be shutting down Inbox in March. A couple of weeks ago, we published a blog post about replacing Inbox with Monolist. While we hadn't built an email integration yet, thousands of users signed up to help us build our vision of unifying all of your action items, across all of your tools, all in one place.

We're happy to announce that our Gmail Integration is now live. Now you can manage your emails, along with action items from Slack, Calendar, Jira, Github and many more tools all from your Monolist feed. Sign up now, or keep reading to see what we've built.

Snooze, archive and reply directly from your feed

Gmail action item

With every Monolist integration, we want to eliminate the headache of context switching that comes with notifications from all of your different apps and tools. We've in-lined the actions you take most frequently with email (replying, marking as read, and archiving) so that you can handle your tasks without leaving your feed.

Additionally, we've augmented your standard Gmail to add snoozing and reminders. Snooze an email, focus on what's important, and we'll bring it back later so it doesn't fall through the cracks. Add due dates to emails and we'll notify you when they're overdue.

Decide what's important

Gmail triggers

At Monolist, we recognize that your time is precious and that some action items are more important than others. We allow you to fully configure which emails make it into your Monolist feed via triggers. You can select emails based on sender, subject, content and more, and even automatically apply tags so that you can filter them later.

Organize your emails with your other workflows

Gmail and Jira tagged action items

With Monolist tags, you can organize notifications and tasks between sources that you usually can't connect. Received an email about a bug from a customer and created a Jira issue for it? Instead of pasting the email into the issue, tag them both with the same label right in your Monolist feed.

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