Product Updates

Announcing: Jira, Confluence, Todoist Integrations

Jake Marsh
September 20, 2018

Simplify your Jira workflow

Jira action item

Jira is a popular tool that many of you use in your daily work. Monolist now supports integrating with Jira Cloud, offering search and full synchronization between issues and Monolist action items.

Centralize your Confluence action items

Confluence action item

Many companies also use Confluence, an Atlassian tool for content collaboration. Monolist will now integrate with Confluence Cloud, offering search and creating action items whenever you're mentioned or have recently modified a page.

Capture all of your Todoist to-dos

Todoist action item

Last but not least, we're also adding full Todoist integration support. Many of you requested this integration, so we're happy to announce full synchronization between Todoist tasks and Monolist action items.

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