Monolist: Your Google Inbox Replacement

Akshay Nathan
September 18, 2018

Google recently announced that they'd be shutting down their Inbox service, leaving their users understandably frustrated. At Monolist, we're working hard to preserve the spirit of Inbox's organizational features and clean user experience, while adding rich integrations with context specific actions.

Currently in beta, we're looking for Inbox users and anyone who cares about productivity to help us with this mission. Sign up, send us feedback, and let's build a better Inbox together.

Keep reading to see what we've built so far and what's in store.

Everything you need to know across all of your apps

Action item

While Inbox helped with grouping email notifications from your various apps and services, Monolist aggregates your Jira issues, event invites, wiki page mentions, and much more in real-time. Unlike email, Monolist action items stay in sync with their source. Someone replied to a wiki page you created — see it and reply in Monolist. Your pull request build passed — get the update and merge it directly from your Monolist feed.

Cross-Platform Organization

Tagged action items

Like Inbox, Monolist allows you to label and categorize your action items no matter where they're from. You can also snooze items and they'll appear later, or close them for good.

Integrated Calendar and Scheduling

Daily schedule

Don’t lose track of your day. Monolist inlines your calendar and any items that are due today, so you can keep up with upcoming meetings and remember your commitments. Of course, if anything changes with your calendar, you’ll see the updates in real-time without leaving the page.

What about email?

We’re working on a Gmail integration as you read this! To start, the emails you star in Gmail and any threads that you haven’t responded to will become action items in Monolist, but we have plans for much more.

This is where you come in. Is there a feature in Inbox you absolutely loved? Do you have heuristics or filters you want applied to your email before they make it into Monolist? Sign up and let us know, and we’ll build it. Our roadmap is, and always will be, decided by our users.

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