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Tasks, pull requests, messages, docs — all in one place
Viewing and updating an Asana task from Monolist
An Asana task with subtasks in Monolist mobile
Varied item types in one list

Planning has never been easier

If you tackle tasks as they come in, you pay the cost of context-switching every time. Stay focused by scheduling tasks directly on your calendar.

Searching across apps in Monolist

Instantly search everywhere

Today’s workflows result in lots of things in lots of places. Monolist makes it quick and easy to search everywhere at once, helping you make decisions with full context.

Global updates for reminders and new comments

No more work slipping through the cracks

Intelligent reminders ensure no work slips through the cracks.

Real-time updates show you all the context and alerts related to your most important work.

Automate internal workflows

Our open API lets you create action items based on any internal process.

Custom actions let you kick off complex workflows directly from Monolist.

Diagram illustrating flow from your application through Monolist API

You can read more about our API in the documentation.

New senders to be approved or ignored in Monolist

No unwanted messages

Approve senders as they come in. Intelligent filter suggestions for senders that you typically ignore. This is your inbox, not theirs.

All of your apps

You have your favorite tools and so does your team. That shouldn’t get in the way of your productivity and collaboration.

To see a full list with supported features, click here.

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