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Everything you need to do in one place

Screenshot of Monolist web experience
Screenshot of Monolist mobile experience

Work happens in too many places

Work spread across multiple applications

Discovering work requires going to multiple places

Tracking tasks is hard when they pop up everywhere in the flow of work

Getting things done requires stringing together multiple tools

Monolist brings it all together

Monolist aggregates your most important work, and lets you treat anything as a task

Items from multiple sources in one list

One list for all of your messages, tasks, comments, and pull requests

An example nudge reminding a user to respond to a Slack message

Intelligence layer that highlights items that are at risk of slipping through the cracks

A user inserting an action item into their schedule

Planning experience helps you stay organized, and improve how you spend your time

Nudges and followups on different items

No more work slipping through the cracks

With intelligent reminders, you no longer have to keep all of those messages or tasks in your head. We'll give you a heads up when it looks like you need to reply or follow up on your work, no matter the tool.

Items scheduled on a daily agenda

Planning has never been easier

If you tackle tasks as they come in, you pay the cost of context-switching every time. Stay focused by scheduling tasks directly on your calendar.

Examples of search queries and multiple results

Instantly search everywhere

Today’s workflows result in lots of things in lots of places. Monolist makes it quick and easy to search everywhere at once, helping you make decisions with full context.